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The PTSA Executive Committee has been busy developing the details for a very productive and exciting year aimed at supporting the administration, faculty, staff and most importantly the students.  However, your support and service is needed to ensure we have an impact in advocating for our children’s education and safety. 

We invite you to volunteer and serve on various committees listed below:

  • Advocacy
  • Arts Integration
  • Bylaws
  • Communications/Public Relation
  • Fundraising/Ways & Means
  • Hospitality Events
  • Membership
  • Parent & Community Engagement
  • Spring Fair

* Chairperson Needed

Currently, there are several chair positions available.  These appointments will remain for the current 2016 – 2017 academic year.  If you are interested in leading a committee, please send a letter of Interest by Friday, September 22, 2016.  
Monique Davis - president@bfptsa.org

Advocacy Committee
This committee advocates for the school at the county-level meetings and reports back to the PTSA board regarding state and federal education-related legislation, and anything else that may have an impact on education in Prince George’s County. This information will be communicated to the parents at PTSA meetings. Volunteers will help write and distribute informational flyers, stuff and stamp envelopes for mailing, make reminder phone calls prior to legislative proceedings and more.

Arts Integration Committee

This committee coordinates with our educators to "enrich" our children within their curriculum's and areas of study as it relates to arts integration. The committee also will assist with Math, Reading, Science, and PARK night activities. The Reflections program, sponsored annually by the National PTA, is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their artistic and literary talents in a contest format.


This committee is responsible working with the Executive Board to review the bylaws annually, and to make recommendations, revisions and amendments to the bylaws as needed. 

Communications/ Public Relations  Committee
This committee promotes and advertises PTSA activities via email, phone calls, and flyers. The committee shares information with members via the PTSA website, school call-out system, and through the School newsletter.

Fundraising/Ways & Means Committee
This committee is responsible for fundraising for the PTSA in order to generate the resources needed to advance the general work of the PTSA. This includes funding special spirit events such as opening-day festivities, parties, and social events for the school community. The PTSA raises funds through several events each year, such as the Scholastic Book Fair, Claire's Gourmet fundraiser, Midland fundraiser, Holiday gift shop and more. Additionally, we participate in the "Box Tops for Education" program, which can generate thousands of dollars for our school.

Hospitality/Events Committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating PTSA sponsored events including coordinating  school dances, working concessions, advertisements, selling tickets/collecting money, etc.  Also responsible for refreshments, door prizes, and child care for members during PTSA meetings.  The volunteers will also coordinate with the Sports Department to provide refreshments for all at-home sporting events, assist with some 8th grade activities, and the end of year field day. The greeters volunteers will be a part of the hospitality committee and will assist whenever needed.

Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for promoting and growing PTSA membership to parents, teachers, and students.  The committee along with the Parent and Community Engagement committee will also recruit and coordinate parents as volunteers to assist with various PTSA and school sponsored events and programs.  The committee will sponsor activities that will create growth within the PTSA.

Parent & Community Engagement

This committee is responsible for soliciting community organizations that can bring enrichment programs to our school.  Organizations could include Junior Achievement, Girls RUN Gorgeous Prince George's, The Patriots Technology Training Center, Men Aiming Higher, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and others. The committee along with the membership committee will also recruit and coordinate parents as volunteers to assist with these programs.  The committee is also responsible for seeking monetary and in-kind donations from community partners.

Spring Fair Committee

This committee is responsible of overseeing and planning of the implementation of the fair. Request tables, chairs and other equipment as required from the school. Provide families with information about the fair details as they become available. Other duties as required. Volunteer Coordinator-Coordinates all volunteers (games, food sales, distributes colored coded tickets to the class room teachers, floaters, set up & tear down etc). Marketing- Arranges posters, advertising and other marketing for the fair. Arrange all vendors and/or other food options including popcorn, drinks and etc. Request donations water/hot dog buns, hamburger buns and etc. Organize and oversee set up and running of game stations. Organize arts and crafts. Organize and oversee set up and running of arts & crafts area. 

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